Production & Marketing

CV. KAOLIN DUA SATU employs 50 employees – 45 people work in the factory (in two shifts), and the rest 5 people work in our correspondence office in Jakarta, Indonesia. Our total capacity is approximately 1000 – 1500 tonnes per month, in the form of powder (mesh 325), excluding kaolin in the form of cake, which is about 1000 tonnes. About 20% of those products are used to satisfy global market, while the other 80% are used to satisfy local demands.

Our global market consists of Japan, Korea, Thailand, & Taiwan. Meanwhile, in local market, kaolin products from CV. KAOLIN DUA SATU are used by trading companies and international scaled companies, such as Pabrik Kertas Indonesia (Indonesian Paper Company in Pakerin, Surabaya, Indonesia), American Standard (ceramic factory) and ICI Paints factory.

Production Process

1st Step

It is simple to produce Kaolin Cake or Kaolin Powder. There's no need for advance technology to produce kaolin. All substance needed is water, no other chemical substance is needed. Firstly, the upper layer of soil is dug, between 1-2 meters underground. Hence, the soil is watered in high pressure, in order to produce a solution that contains pure kaolin.

  • Soil Layer Containing Kaolin
  • Digging Up the Kaolin Soil Layer
  • Kaolin Filtering Process Using Water
  • Pure Kaolin Solvent Storage

2nd Step

The pure kaolin solution is inserted to pressing machine to separate the water content, to become kaolin lumps or also known as Kaolin Cake.

  • Press Machine
  • Press Machine

3rd Step

Kaolin Cake is one of our final products beside Kaolin Powder. This form of kaolin can be sold to our customers who need kaolin in the form of lump as their raw material. Hence, Kaolin Cake can also be processed further to become Kaolin Powder.

  • Kaolin Cake
  • Kaolin Cake

4th Step

In order to process Kaolin Powder, Kaolin Cake must be inserted to an oven. Inside the oven, the cakes will be heated about 800oC – 1,000oC, hence milled to become Kaolin Powder (mesh 325).

  • Oven
  • Oven & Milling Machine

5th Step

Finally, Kaolin Powder is ready for packaging process, hence it will be packed into various packaging: 40kg Woven Bag, 750kg & 800kg Jumbo Bags.

  • Packaging
  • Packaging
  • Packaging

Quality Control

CV. KAOLIN DUA SATU has a laboratory with high quality equipments to conduct strict quality control for every step of production, in order to ensure best quality products. Our quality control procedures including:

  • Full monitor of raw materials, directly from the mining site.
  • Strict quality control in every step of production.
  • Full monitor of final product before delivery.
  • On-time delivery, based on schedules set by customers.

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