What is Kaolin?

The word “kaolin” derives from Mandarin word “KAOLING”, which means “high mountains”. Kaolin mining has been conducted from several centuries ago. Kaolin is a mass of stones, consists of clay mineral with low iron composition. Kaolin is composed of aluminium silicate hydrous (Al2O3 2SiO2 2H2O) plus some side minerals (nacrite, dicrite, haloisite). The formation process of kaolin is caused by decay of materials that occur on the surface or near the surface, and hydrothermal alteration process (occurs near cracks or places with high permeability) in frozen rocks, which contain feldspar – where potassium and aluminium silicate minerals are transformed into kaolin. It can also be formed by decay of metamorphic rocks, especially gneiss, while secondary kaolin is a result of primary kaolin transportation. In Indonesia, potential kaolin sediments are residual sediments from the decay of acidic rocks or granite.

Kaolin Application

Kaolin / China Clay is used in many industries, either as main raw material or as supporting material. This is because the properties of kaolin, such as softness, strength, color, low electrical & heat conductivity, and many other properties.

In many industries, kaolin can function as coating, filler, fireproof goods and isolator. Specifications of our kaolin products are acceptable for those applications.

Kaolin is mainly used for these industries:

  • Paper
  • Ceramic
  • Paint
  • Rubber / Tire
  • Plastic
  • Cement
  • Pesticide
  • Fertilizer
  • Absorbent
  • Cosmetic
  • Tooth Paste
  • Detergent
  • Textile

Kaolin Cake

Kaolin Cake is used as one of the primary materials in many industries, such as ceramic industry (tiling, sanitary, etc.) and white cement industry.

We are one of the main producer of kaolin in Indonesia.

Kaolin Cake Physical Properties

Humidity 25% – 35%
Glossiness 82% – 86%
Residue 0.04%

Kaolin Cake Chemical Properties

MnO2 < 0.01
CrO3 < 0.01
SiO2 48.43
Al2O3 38.25
Fe2O3 0.01
TiO2 0.17
CaO < 0.01
MgO 0.03
K2O 0.60
Na2O < 0.01
L.O.I 12.30

Kaolin Powder

Kaolin in the form of powder is widely used as a supporting material in many industries, such as paint, paper, ceramic, rubber, plastic, pesticide, pharmacy, soap, cosmetic, pencil, and many more. As one of the main kaolin producers in Indonesia, we don’t only produce kaolin with the softness level of mesh 325, but also kaolin in higher purity level (known as Refined Kaolin or Active Kaolin). Besides of satisfying local markets, we also export our kaolin powder to Japan, Korea, Thailand, & Taiwan.

Kaolin Powder Physical Properties

Glossiness 82 – 84%
Max Moisture 2%
Residue Mesh 325 0.05%
Particle-2 um Size 42%
PH 20%
Solidity 4.5%
AT-Abrasion 1000 16mg

Kaolin Powder Chemical Properties

MnO2 0.01
Cr2O3 < 0.01
SiO2 44.84
Al2O3 39.70
Fe2O3 0.66
TiO2 0.25
CaO 0.06
MgO 0.05
K2O 0.71
Na2O 0.04
L.O.I 13.34

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