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CV. DUA SATU is a company that operates in mining and processing. We have a ±50 hectares mining area at Belitung, Indonesia, with kaolin-rich deposit beneath.

We have been in the industry since year 2000. Our team consists of experienced people, with hard-working employees who continuously support the company to develop.

By this time, CV. DUA SATU has two factories that process kaolin powder and kaolin cake separately. This factory is operated to increase our capacity, in order to satisfy market demands. We produce best quality products to serve demands, locally and globally. CV. DUA SATU has a rich heritage in kaolin mineral operation, by using the efficiency in mining and processing as an advantage, combined with our technical advantage. We are proud to be your company’s trusted partner.

CV. DUA SATU realizes that every customer is our first priority, and an important business asset. With our experience, enhanced by both human and natural resources, we will give our best to satisfy our customer.


To become a notable kaolin mining company, as well as integrated, competitive and eco-friendly, with a steady growth, achieved by professionalism and high concern to employees, community and environment.


  • To increase operational performance advantage by maximazing shareholder value.
  • To produce and process kaolin efficiently, as well as continuously learning to master new technologies by looking possible solutions to increase production capacity and maintain steady quality improvement of kaolin powder.
  • To improve ordinary kaolin to become calcined kaolin – which is better in quality – in order to satisfy global demand.
  • To serve our customers with high quality products and services.
  • To develop the competence of our employees and infrastructure efficiently, by applying a culture of integrity innovation, concern and synergy in the company.
  • To develop a concern for the environment.
  • To increase and participate in community development, in order to show good citizenship and contribute to the economy and community.
To Accomplish One of Our Mission, Which Is Environmental Care, We Will Plant Several Seeds To Our Reclamated Land
  • Seeds That Will Be Planted
  • Reclamated Land in 2012
  • Reclamated Land in 2012
  • Reclamated Land in 2012
  • Reclamated Land in 2012

What is Kaolin?

The word “kaolin” derives from Mandarin word “KAOLING”, which means “high mountains”. Kaolin mining has been conducted from several centuries ago. Kaolin is a mass of stones, consists of clay mineral with low iron composition. Kaolin is composed of aluminium silicate hydrous (Al2O3 2SiO2 2H2O) plus some side minerals (nacrite, dicrite, haloisite). The formation process of kaolin is caused by decay of materials that occur on the surface or near the surface, and hydrothermal alteration process (occurs near cracks or places with high permeability) in frozen rocks, which contain feldspar – where potassium and aluminium silicate minerals are transformed into kaolin. It can also be formed by decay of metamorphic rocks, especially gneiss, while secondary kaolin is a result of primary kaolin transportation. In Indonesia, potential kaolin sediments are residual sediments from the decay of acidic rocks or granite.
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Duta Indah Square Blok C8, Teluk Gong Raya
Jakarta Utara, Indonesia


Jln. Abdul Rahman Km 18, Badau
Belitung, Indonesia